The Bridge Project: Brief Intro The Bridge Project is an innovative concert tour which combines Eastern traditional art forms with Western performance. Using music, dance and story telling to take the audience on a journey which explores China's vibrant culture and Western classical music. China has a rich culture but in the UK public displays of this heritage rarely go beyond the stereotypes. The Bridge Project aims to attract a broad audience, bringing cultures and communities together through exploring their cultural traditions. The Bridge concept stemmed from 2013, when pianist Di Xiao first started the 'Didi and Friends Chinese New Year Celebration Concert' in Birmingham which she fuse music and art forms from East and West. This unique show is designed to be inclusive and bring audiences together, through explanations of the history of the art forms, the instruments, and the stories behind the music. It became such a hit that it inspired the artist to create the 'Bridge Project' and take this programme to a wider audience. Our programme • It will include an innovative blend of performance, for instance, the combination of a Cantonese nursery rhyme with a well-known Beethoven piano sonata, with a video projection of a Chinese dancer behind or, combine traditional Chinese art forms with Chinese regional dance and face changing art, alongside Western classical & Eastern folk music. • According to the time of year the theme will vary, to coincide with major Chinese festivals. • The different styles, instruments, and traditions will be demonstrated and explained during interactive talks. • All the artists will be internationally significant. • Each performance will last 75 minutes. Video link